My work is continually linked to the beginning of American tattooing. Traditional-style tattooing is more popular than ever and always expanding with new themes. However, the strong foundation of traditional-style tattooing remains. Bold lines, high contrast, solid color and simple design are imperative to making a tattoo that will stand the test of time with visual clarity.

There are many notable tattooers from the past that had their part in making tattooing what it is today. A few of my favorites I look to for inspiration are Sailor Jerry, Bert Grimm, Captain Coleman, and Milton Zeis. Early tattoo shops were decorated from head to toe with hand painted designs for clients to choose from. It was a necessity then, with no internet or other ways to visualize ideas. I carry on the tradition of painting new designs and having the walls of my studio completely full.

Good art and good tattoos come from years of study and practice. It is not a given gift, it is hard work! I always put 100% of my best efforts into the process. My clients are very important to me, as well as the tattoos I make. I work hands-on with clients and their ideas to make custom one-off designs. My private studio offers a quiet, relaxing experience while taking a step back into the past.